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Beziique shoots Ground Films

So this is what happens when you work with Beziique, Nick Wild takes some unbelievable shots of you during the couples sunset shoot. 

Just after the bride and groom had finished their desert, Nick Wild and I were lucky enough to take them out for a 15 minute sunset shoot in Coral Bay, Paphos. The sun decided to break through the clouds at the last minute allowing us to produce imagery like this beauty. 

So this is me, trying out my new Sony a6500 with the sony 16mm pancake lens attached. I'm flying it on a Zhiyun Crane gimbal which I have to say is an incredible piece of kit. The beauty of the Zhiyun Crane is it can be inverted allowing me to get a low shot of the couple walking down the pier. 

Thanks again Nick Wild from Beziique for this wonderful sunset shot. 

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