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A Buxted Park Hotel wedding video trailer in East Sussex.

Tina and Rossi's wedding video at Buxted Park Hotel

Please take a moment to feel lost in these incredible words written by Tina, the stunning bride for her husband on their wedding day.

This has to be the most emotional and storytelling Wedding video Trailer at Buxted Park we've done. The words speak for themselves:

'There was once a magical, glittery shiny jewellery box, which housed a beautiful dancing ballerina. The dancing ballerina was broken and couldn't turn around to complete her dance. She had lost her sparkle and didn't know how to get it back. She kept still in one place, not wanting to go backwards because she knew she would get more broken if she did. Day and night the ballerina remained strong and determined, she would not go backwards and aspired to go forward.

Meanwhile a tall, dark and handsome toy solider rode up on this motorbike to the jewellery box. He had seen the ballerina before and was now returning to protect and help her. He jumped into the jewellery box with her not knowing how to dance, took her in his embrace and hoped for the best. A shower of shooting stars rains down on them both and he made an unselfish wish. Not long after the ballerina and the toy solider were spinning and making music within the jewellery box. The toy solider said to the beautiful ballerina

"thank you, you have taught me how to dance and you make my head spin with love and in happiness"

The ballerina responded with such a sparkle in her green eyes that it was magical:

"no thank you, it was your love, strength, courage, care and support that enabled me to dance again. You have given me my sparkle back and in doing so you have saved me. You brought me back to life and now I am not broken anymore, infact I am not just fixed but I am whole, I am better than brand new, I am alive" '

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