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Stoneleigh Abbey Wedding Video | Warwickshire Wedding | West Sussex Videographers

Please watch the fabulous Wedding Video at Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwick where Cherry & Adrian Haddon married on the 7thJuly 2018.

Happily Ever Haddon…

Tell us about where and when you first both first met and What were your first impressions of each other when you first met?

We first met in September 2010 in Leamington Spa, in a bar when we were both out with school friends. I (Cherry) saw Adrian across the room and said to my friends that he was ‘so good looking I couldn’t speak to him’.... thankfully he came up to me and the rest is history! Weirdly, our first ever conversation was about how much we both love New York (we’d both been in NY the same week, a few weeks before!) and now we live here together, 8 years later!

Tell us about who proposed to who and where did it happen?

Adrian proposed to me, at the top of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles exactly 7 years to the day that we’d met! - we’d gone on a hike up to the sign and once we got to the top, there was no one else there so we had the whole view over LA to ourselves, it was so beautiful! Adrian got down on one knee there and I just remember staring at him, then the ring, then back at Adrian! I’ve never been so shocked in my life, he did so well to keep it a secret, (apparently he had it in his bag for 2 days!) and obviously I didn’t hesitate in saying yes!

Bridal prep | Ground Films | West Sussex Videographer

Sunset shoot | Stoneleigh Abbey wedding | Ground Films

Give us three words each to describe each other and what they mean to you?


The three words that spring to mind straight away for me are very handsome, loving and thoughtful. Adrian always thinks about everyone else before himself, he’s so caring, loving and is already the most perfect husband. I feel very lucky.


The three words I would describe Cherry are extremely beautiful, charming, and family orientated. Cherry has always been naturally beautiful from the moment I met her, she is charming to everyone she meets and loves her family and close friends which I am excited about when we start to have children of our own!

How did you find and choose your wedding venue, Stoneleigh Abbey in Warwick?

We always knew we wanted to get married in England near both our parents (Coventry & Warwick) and have a traditional church ceremony and reception. Adrian has always loved St Mary’s church and with Cherry’s parents living near Warwick and can see the church from their garden it was perfect! As we wanted it to be traditional we did lots of research for old houses, abbeys and estates in the midlands. We struggled with the sizes of most locations as we initially had ~150 guests and majority of locations only catered for ~100. We found Stoneleigh Abbey, which had exception views, grounds and different buildings that we could use and fell in love with it immediately!

Tell us about your wedding dress that was featured on your Wedding Video in Warwickshire; the designer, how long it took you to find the one?

My dress was by Rivini at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York. It was the first dress I tried on and without sounding super cheesy, I knew nothing would top it. I’ve always dreamt about having a huge bow on my wedding dress, and the Rivini Chic was the perfect dress!

St Mary's Church | Wedding ceremony | Ground Films

Tell us about what the Groomsmen wore in your wedding video at Stoneleigh Abbey?

Given the traditional theme I knew I wanted black tails, Cherry chose the peach ties to match with the bridesmaids dresses and then I wanted a neutral double breasted waist coat. We brought the ties and waistcoats and then hired the tails from Moss Bros in Leamington Spa.

Was there any surprises? Tell us more..

Bride: My dad learning Sam Outlaw and Ed Sheeran songs which he sang to us on the Dancefloor after our first dance! It was so thoughtful and such an incredible surprise!

Also all my best friends from my hen party had learnt a dance that they all did later on in the evening, which was amazing!

Groom: Cherry’s dad arranged the cars for us so neither of us saw it until Cherry was picked up and I walked out the church, the car was absolutely amazing and fitted perfectly with our whole day!

Did you have any readings and if so, why did you pick them?

Yes, we had two readings. The first one was from Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass, one of Cherry’s favourite books. We love the message in it; that no matter what happens, we’ll always be together and think that’s so powerful.

The second reading was called ‘on our wedding day’ (author unknown) and it was the perfect reading for Adrian’s sister to read out- it gives a lovely perspective on everything marriage entails and just really says it all!

Stoneleigh Abbey Wedding Video | Ground Films

bride and groom | West Sussex Wedding Videographer

We would like to thank all the wedding suppliers that featured in this Wedding Video in Warwick:

Photographer - Sarah Hannam

Make-up Artist - Chloe Coleman

Hair Artist - Bev at Mode wedding hair

Band - Silk Saphire

Toastmaster- James Marjoram (one of Adrian’s Ushers).

Florist - All Seasons Florist, Coventry

Transport – Tudor Wedding Cars, Birmingham

Rings - E Katz, Hatton Garden, London

S’mores Board – Jessica Haddon and Matt Maron (Adrian’s sister & her bf) made the board and got the ingredients.

As West Sussex Videographers we always like to know, what was your favourite part of your wedding day ?

Bride: For me, there were obviously so many moments, but I think two really stand out for me:

1- the moment Adrian saw me walking down the aisle, his reaction was my favourite moment of our day without a doubt.

2- I also really loved saying the vows in church, it’s a moment I’ve thought about my whole life and it was so natural, but beautiful, saying the vows to Adrian and knowing all our family and very close friends were there was so special.


1 – Waiting at the church meeting all the guests before the start of the ceremony and then waiting for Cherry and shedding a tear when she walked down the aisle.

2 - The car driving up the grass embankment in front of all our guests and parking right outside the Orangery!

Ground Films | Hampshire Wedding Videographer

couple shoot | Stoneleigh Abbey wedding video

Was there any funny moments that you will always remember? Did any of them feature on your wedding video in Warwick.

There were quite a few haha, but probably the driver going down the A46 in the open top car, while we drink champagne in the back and everyone on the motorway beeping their horns at us and shouting congratulations out of their windows!

Also, Adrian being on his friends shoulders while all the boys sing three lions right at the end of the night, as England won that day! (Thankfully!)

Why did you choose us, West Sussex Wedding Videographers to film your wedding and what did you think of your experience being filmed in your wedding video at Stoneleigh Abbey?

We chose Ground Films, UK Wedding videographers, as I work in the creative industry and had a specific ‘wedding film’ in mind, and every example I saw of your work was so beautifully shot and curated that I knew you’d be the perfect videographer for us! In the best way of course, we hardly noticed you both on the day- you are both so lovely to work with and really made us feel relaxed even though we were running late!

sunset shoot | Ground Films Wedding | Wedding videography

West Sussex wedding videography | Ground Films

Any advice for future wedding couples thinking about having their special day filmed by Ground Films -West Sussex Videographers ?

Don’t even hesitate, do it! While it is additional cost, you don’t notice the filming during the day and to have a video is so special and great to have vs. just photos. We can’t wait to see our film (the short clip was already amazing!) and we know it’s going to be something we look at for years and years to come.

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