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Faye & Matt's Wedding Video at Nailcote Hall | West Sussex Videographers

Tell us about where and when you first both first met and What were your first impressions of each other when you first met?

A pub in Birmingham called The flapper & Firkin. Faye liked me straight away and I knew because she came and hugged me straight away. (She was a bit tipsy)

Nailcote Hall Wedding Video - West Sussex Videographer

West Sussex Videographer - Ground Films

Tell us about who proposed to who and where did it happen?

I proposed to Faye in Spain in a place called La Zenia where we went on recurring family holidays.

Give us three words each to describe each other and what they mean to you?

Bride about groom: laid-back(keeps me calm), loving (always there for a cuddle) organised (keeps my life on track)

Groom about bride: Clever, loyal, funny

Vintager car at Nailcote Hall | West Sussex Videographer

emotional groom | West Sussex Wedding Videographer

How did you find and choose your wedding venue filmed by West Sussex videographers Ground Films?

It was local and recommended by a family friend

Tell us about your wedding dress; the designer, how long it took you to find the one featured in your wedding video by award winning West Sussex videographers?

Went to a bridal shop local to my family home and chose the dress in one day! Eternity Bridal

couple shoot at nailcote hall | West Sussex Wedding Videographer
beautiful bride and groom | Videographers in West Sussex

Tell us about what the Groomsmen wore?

3-piece Dark Navy suits with ivory waistcoat and silver ties

Was there any surprises in your UK wedding video ?

Tell us more.. yes we bought each other watches as surprises.

Did you have any readings and if so, why did you pick them?

Yes we asked Faye's sister to do a personal reading and what she wrote was all a surprise.

Tell us about the finishing touches like favours, sweet carts etc & name any suppliers & companies that helped make your perfect wedding video by west sussex wedding videographers, come true:

Photographer - Prestige

Make-up Artist - Chloe McCall

Hair Artist - Natalie Bishop (Bridal Hair Specialist)

DJ - Surround Sounds Disco

Flourist - Wedding Wishes

Wedding Cake - Costco Cheese Tower

Rings - Bodenham & Shorthouse

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

The ceremony

Stunning bride and groom | West Sussex Wedding Videographer

Was there any funny moments that you will always remember?

Faye spilling jager down her dress

Why did you choose Award winning West Sussex Wedding Videographers to film your wedding and what did you think of your experience being filmed?

We had seen your video of a family members wedding. We loved the experience of being filmed.

Any advice for future wedding couples thinking about having their special day filmed? Definitely have your day filmed. It's the best way to remember it.

Please enquire, If you would like to find out more about a Award Winning West Sussex Wedding Videos.

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