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A Destination Wedding video at Grecian Park Hotel, Cyprus

When James went travelling to Australia, little did he know that we would meet his soul mate Kahlia, along the way. This is their Wedding Film at the Beautiful Grecian Park, Cyprus by Ground Films, Destination wedding videographers.

"Today is mostly an ordinary day, the sun rose, babies were born, people slept in, and we just so happened to be getting married. My promise to you is to always laugh with you and never go to bed angry, to comfort you in times of sorrow and to aways listen to what you have to say even if we don't see eye to eye and to remember that love is, to say, I feel differently,instead of, you're wrong"

destination wedding video - Ground Films

destination wedding videographer - Ground Films

"James you came into my life and my whole life changed. Through your love, I have learnt to love myself more. You have shown me what it means to be patient and kind. You have brought adventure, opportunity and family into my life, all of which I hope to give to you one day. I admire your strength and your loyalty and your ability to stay strong and see clearly even when I can't. You have a way about you that centres me, that grounds me, you are my best friend and my person"

West sussex wedding videographer - Ground Films

Grecian Park wedding video - Ground Films

Grecian Park wedding videographer - Ground Films

Cyprus wedding video - Ground Films

Cyprus wedding videographer - Ground Films

Australian wedding video - Ground Films

Wedding Rings - Ground Films

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