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A Wedding at Kingscote Barn | West Sussex Videographers

Jess & Andy both met in 2008 whilst in school. Andy was in the year above, and added Jess on MSN. “I thought he was an absolute creep as he kept trying to send me jokes that I just didn't understand!”They eventually managed to have a conversation and met after school with their now Best man, Tom and bridesmaid Frankie. It turns out Andy confided in Frankie that he liked me then but she didn't tell Jess as she fancied him herself!. Finally making it official in March 2009.

Once the bubbly pair moved into their very own home in April 2016 Andy told Jess to book some time off work and that they were going to Rome. He paid for the entire trip and proposed to Jess in Villa Borghese park within hours of telling Jess on the train that he was not ready for marriage as a decoy.

kingscote wedding video | Ground Films

West sussex wedding videographer | Ground Films

“I've never met someone so motivated and enthusiastic about achieving so much in life. Andy encourages me to become a better more accomplished person, and has supported me through my tedious career path and has spurred me on to never give up. He is the most annoying husband in the world, and winds me up on a daily basis, however he will never fail to make me laugh until I can't breathe and he makes me smile every single day. In three words, he’sHard-working, Hilarious and Handsome.”

Watch this lovely pair’s romantic wedding video at The Kingscote Barn, Gloucestershire where they were married on the 26thJuly 2018. But it wasn’t their first pick as they originally wanted to get married on the ski slopes of France, changing their minds to a beautiful barn wedding, searching from the Lake District to Cornwall and found Kingscote Barn in Tetbury, along the way. “The morning of our visit Andy moaned about being dragged on his 8th viewing but reluctantly came along. As soon as we walked into the building and saw the main hall Andy told me that this is where he was going to get married and his mind wasn't going to change. I saw outside and was already picture my outdoor ceremony. We went to a couple of other venues but we both couldn't get our minds off Kingscote.”

Jess tried on over 50 wedding dress in the search of ‘the one’, as so many brides do and in the end the one she landed on was nothing like the style she had in mind, but it suited her down to the ground. It was the stunning Olivia designed by English Rose from The Bridal Room in Broadway. It turns out 6 month before finding the dress she had actually made a note of the exact dress on her phone but completely forgot about it. It was fate.

Sunset at Kingscote barn | Ground Films

Bride and dad at kingscote barn | West Sussex Videographer

“Jess is the most beautiful person I have ever met, not just on the outside but on the inside she is sentimental, family-orientated and always puts others before herself. She is the most intelligent person I know and always puts her everything into anything she does. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. She is Beautiful, Intelligent and Caring.”

This wedding was a family affair with lots of help from their loving friends and family. Ian, Andy's Dad created a wedding stake to direct guests into the venue, he also created their free-standing frame for guests to pose in with their own hashtag for the wedding and their love story frame which contained pictures of them together from 2009 to now. Jess created the order of the day palette, painted all props with a chalk paint and hand-wrote everything onto the props herself. The sweet cart was provided by the caterer but Andy picked every single sweet option and to top it all off Jess hand-made the shortbread biscuit favours decorated into bride and grooms, rolled the fondant, and piped all decorations by herself 2 days before the wedding! Now that’s dedication!

“Our favourite part of the day was the actual ceremony, we both dreamed of it taking part outside and were stressing about the weather for 2 weeks before the day! Having our family and friends all get so emotional and witness us becoming Husband and Wife was the best thing in the world”

Jess always wanted a videographer for her wedding at Kingscote Barn, Gloucestershire but it turns out Andy was reluctant at the idea. Whilst searching, Jess watched many wedding videos but only one video by Ground Films, West Sussex Videographers made her cry and insisted that Andy watched it. As soon as he saw it he realised how important it was for Jess to have someone capture the day in video so that we could always look back on it and re-live the best day of our lives.

Ground Films | West Sussex Videographer

Ground Films | Hampshire videographer

“When watching your videos it felt like you were watching a trailer to people's life movie and was so moving and beautiful there was no one else I would have capture the day. During the day, it felt amazing having James and Ellie with us, they took charge and knew what to do without disrupting anyone at all and we felt like we were with them for such a short period of time but they managed to grab the whole day, and we've only seen the teaser! You guys were amazing, and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”

“Advice for future couples - If you are debating whether to have your special day captured by James and Ellie, don't! It was the best decision we ever made because now we are going to have the most beautiful film to help us re-live the best moments of our day whenever we want. So many of our friends have seen our teaser video and have said they wished they chose to have a videographer and I'm SO glad we didn't make the mistake. If you're worrying about being intruded on, don't! I honestly cannot remember being filmed, I just went through the day and was lucky to have everything captured by such talented people”

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