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A Wedding Video Trailer at Elmore Court, Gloucester

Take a look at this little glimpse of the fabulous Wedding Video at Elmore Court Gloucestershire.

Elmore Court Recpetion - Ground Films

"Theres an African proverb, that says it takes a village to raise a child, therefore I want to thank all the men and all the independent women in our village for their part they've played in Aarons childhood, teenage years and adulthood. Some have been small, some greater but all have contributed and I am deeply grateful. We have raised an incredible, creative, stylish man of exceptional character, he is a beautiful individual inside and out. Uniquely thoughtful and amazingly kind and generously affectionate. Often when I sit in reflection I feel so honoured and blessed, that god chose me to be his mother. As your mother, I am beyond proud Aaron, for everything you have accomplished and everything that you are. No matter that you do, you make earth, this village, proud. And again I thank all of you, especially the women for the times when I have failed, a woman spoke, or the time I have been neglectful, a woman spoke, or I turned a blind eye, another woman spoke or even when I was exasperated with him another woman spoke to him. So I know Natalie, that we does not come to you wounded, crushed or broken by any words that the woman in this village have spoken. He comes to you open, honest, true and ready for you. I love you both very much and we as a village will ever be surrounded in love, prayer and encouragement as you begin this journey to marriage. Take great care of each other always be patience and have love and deep understanding. Again I say thank you to the village for their support and I give god the glory in raising a husband for Natalie. "

Elmore Court wedding video - Ground Films

Wedding video at Elmore Court - Ground Films

Bridal hair at Elmore Court - Ground Films

Sunset shoot at Elmore Court - Ground Films

brides gold shoes at Elmore Court - Ground Films

brides dress in mirror at Elmore Court - Ground Films

Married couple and sky at Elmore Court - Ground Films

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