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A Wedding Video at Eveltham, Hook, UK

Enjoy this of the fabulous Wedding Video at The Eveltham, Hampshire for the wonderful Sian & Ali.

"To Ali, congratulations on marrying me. After ten years I finally get to marry the man that stole my heart. From the minute we met you have given me many happy memories with millions more to come. I am so very proud to call you my husband, you're my best friend. I could never wish for anyone more. You bring out the best me and thank you for your love, support and patience. You are my sunshine, my soul mate. I love you Ali. I am so very lucky to be the woman to put a wedding ring on your finger. You make me very happy and I Look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, you have my whole heart, my whole life. I love you."

Sian & Ali, avid Michael Jackson & Queen fans, had the perfect ending to an amazing wedding day with the very best MJ & Queen tributes playing at the stunning Eveltham in Hartley Whitney, Hook.

Sians dad sumed up the day perfectly with this funny tribute to Sians obsession with all things Micheal Jackson.

" At Times its been BAD, sometimes been COMPLETELY OFF THE WALL, I tell you times it's made us SCREAM but we realise we just can't BEAT IT. I Know whose fault it is, but I won't BLAME IT ON THE SUNSHINE, I WON'T BLAME IT ON THE MOONLIGHT, WON'T BLAME IT ON THE GOODTIMES, I'll blame it on Gavin."

The weather was dreary but that didn't stop an epic party and fairytale fireworks ending the night in true fashion!


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Eveltham Wedding Video - Ground Films

Hampshire Wedding Video - Ground Films

A Wedding video at Eveltham Hotel - Ground Films

A Wedding Video at Eveltham, Hampshire - Ground Films

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