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A Wedding Video Trailer at Rowton Castle

Romantic and emotional wedding video

This Romantic and emotional Wedding Video Trailer at Rowton Castle shares the emotional reminiscing of the Mother of The Bride, Dawn as she gave her stunning daughter Kayleigh away to Akeel on their magical day. 

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As you walk down the aisle today, a tear of two I'll brush away

"Kayleigh, our little girl, our angel, how time has flown. There'll be time on this, your wedding day when those thoughts, they'll drift far away and just for a moment you will be my beautiful little girl that you used to be.

And as you wear your bridal gown, I will remember the sound of the little girl, who liked to dance and dress and wear my pantyhose. On your finger you'll have your wedding band, in my thoughts I'll always see your tiny hands. dressing dolls or cuddling pets, some memories I'll never forget. As you walk down the aisle today, a tear of two I'll brush away, my love for you, just so plain to see and you will always mean the world to me. But today you will become a wife, seeing the joy in your eyes and the way your smile just beams. I am thankful you have found the man you love, the person of your dreams. Kayleigh, when It came to marrying Akeel, I was so pleased he was the one.  I wish you both the world of happiness, with the giving of two rings that join you as one."

wedding video at rowton castle - Ground FIlms

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Photographer - Ivory Fayre

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