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A Beautiful boho wedding at the family cottage in Hampshire.

A Hinge romance that matured into a “rare vintage” love. Jake, the Groom, said that when he saw Camilla on Hinge it was “love at first swipe”, they soon went on their first date at Mr Fogg’s Cocktail bar and from that moment their relationship took off.

Camilla and Jake had the most personal wedding day, getting married at Camilla’s family home just outside of Winchester, in the depths of the Hampshire countryside. Beautiful green fields framed her childhood cottage in blazing sun. The sound of birds and the hum of insects acted as the best backdrop for this gorgeous couples boho wedding. This house and its surroundings have so many memories for Camilla, being the house, she grew up in, the house both of her sisters got married at and the place Jake proposed to her, now she could add to the list her own wedding day. As Award Winning Videographers we love elements like these that make your wedding day so unique and personal.

When we (Ground Films) arrived, it was lovely to see Camilla’s friends and family all helping with the preparations and set up for the big day. Camilla’s mother had made the garden look effortlessly perfect – it was destined to be a wedding venue; she had clearly had practice getting it ready for her two eldest daughters’ weddings. Beautiful flowers, botanical decorations, playful kiddies, a loving Labrador and sausage sandwiches were all floating about in the morning of the wedding, creating a familiar, reassuring atmosphere for bride Camilla.

As Wedding Videographers, we love to capture these precious moments that only a select few get to see live, it was a chilled atmosphere and made the whole day run smoothly. Camilla and Jake had friends cater their wedding and another family friend make the cake and decadent macarons, it really was a family affair. There was a real sense of community, and even the neighbours helped out last minute as a waitress. We (Hampshire Videographers) love to see everyone coming together to be a part of the Bride and Grooms big day, we feel we capture this personal essence in our films.

Camilla looked effortlessly beautiful in her lace, embellished dress, and Jake was definitely wowed when he saw her come down the aisle of their local church filled with their nearest and dearest. The celebrations transitioned from the church to the cottage where Jake being a wine connoisseur made a heart-warming speech in which he addressed Camilla as “stunning, elegant, quick witted, loyal and a rare vintage”. That wasn’t the last of his expertise as he arranged his most loved wines to be served on their special day. The bottles flowed, the glorious sun set over the Hampshire fields and the party began into the night.

As West Sussex Videographers we felt so special to be a part of this couples homegrown Hampshire wedding, it was wonderful to be welcomed in to such a family led celebration.

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