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East Court Wedding Video | West Sussex Wedding Videographer

1.Tell us about where and when you first both first met and What were your first impressions of each other when you first met?

*Manuella : we met about 5 years ago. We texted for a while and then agreed on a first date in St Paul's. I remember when I saw David walking towards me, he was on the opposite pavement and waved at me, I couldn't stop smiling he looked so handsome and cute. I made a quick silent prayer to God in my heart and we went for dinner.. The rest is history as they say...

*David: Yea Our first meeting felt like we had known each other for a while. We just got along really well and talked for quite a while over dinner. It was amazing

2.Tell us about who proposed to who and where did it happen?

*Manuella : when we started talking marriage, we both wanted to follow our African traditions which are introduction of the 2 families, traditional wedding then a white wedding. So as such, David didn't officially propose with a ring until after both families officially met and the traditional ceremony happened. So we WERE traditionally married when David took me on our 5th anniversary to the same restaurant in St Paul's as our 1st date restaurant and put a ring on it! How could I not say yes to such an adorable and romantic man?

*David - the restaurant was at St Paul’s (Barbecoa). I slipped the ring onto the table during dinner and Manuella did not take notice until about 30 mins later. When she took notice, I proposed and she said Yes.

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3.Give us three words each to describe each other and what they mean to you?

Bride: Loving & caring, God fearing, hardworking - this is why I fell in love with David, although he has many more great qualities but don't tell him I said that lol

Groom: Caring, Selfless and Kind

4.How did you find and choose your wedding venue East Court Wedding Venue, East Grinstead?

We (well maybe it was more Manuella haha) were very specific on what we wanted our venue to be or have. We looked for over 8 months and visited a few but East Court Weddings, East Grinstead, ticked all the boxes + they were so flexible and helpful with everything & the mansion and the view were absolutely gorgeous

5.Tell us about your wedding dress; the designer, how long it took you to find the one?

*Manuella : My dress was a Mori Lee lace fishtail dress with keyhole open back. I looked for wedding dress for about 2 months and went to 15 shops or so. I went dress shopping with my best friend and bridesmaid most of the time but the day I found my dress I was actually alone which made me even more sure it was THE one because no one influenced me. I tried it on, loved it, removed it and still wasn't sure so I tried it again, removed it, nearly bought it but still hesitated so left the shop. 2 seconds later I was back and bought it, the thought of not wearing this dress got to me and that's how I knew it was the one. I had it altered so it could fit me perfectly and it did.

beautiful bride | East Court Wedding Video | Ground Films

6.Tell us about what the Groomsmen wore?

*David wore a gorgeous classic black tuxedo that fitted him so well too, the groomsmen also wore black tuxedo to match David's. They wore straight black ties while David wore a bow tie.

7.Was there any surprises? Tell us more..

Maybe it wasn't a planned surprise but before the day, I worried quite a bit about David because he is a bit shy in front of a crowd especially with the dancing etc. but I was so happy and pleased that he had such a great time on the dance floor! His speech was also so cute and covered everything! Yes hubby you did great!

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9.Did you have any readings and if so, why did you pick them?

Yes, we chose 2 readings + the Gospel and had readers in French and English

1st reading was Genesis 2:18-24, it is a classic and one if not the most important Bible reading regarding marriage

2nd reading was Philippians 4:4-9, we trust in God always and know that there is no need to worry about anything because the Lord is with us.

The Gospel was John 17:20-26 because we didn't want to only pray for us on our wedding day but for all our families and friends

10.Tell us about the finishing touches like favours, sweet carts etc & name any suppliers & companies that helped make your perfect wedding video in West Sussex come true:

We did quite a few finishing touches, we wanted our day to really BE us and FEEL like us. We had our names and date on many items, the favours were chocolates with a cute Bride & Groom and a thank you message in French & English at the back (the company we ordered them from were so kind and designed an African Bride & Groom just for us as they didn't have this request before). We also had our names and dates on the cocktail canapes napkin, our dance floor, thank you messages on our flip flops & bathroom baskets for guests to help themselves etc.

We chose to use our seating plan as a prayer for our married life which was actually quite fun to do and felt perfect for us.

Everywhere we could we wanted to celebrate with our guests and make them feel loved just as much as we love each other. We wanted our wedding day to be a beautiful day for everyone involved.

We took a lot of time and care in choosing each West Sussex supplier, we knew what we wanted and we made sure they were the best fit to deliver it, and they all were indeed! They all did a great job and made our day perfect for us.

Couple Shoot | East Court Wedding | Ground Films

11.What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

*Manuella : apart from officially becoming one of course, for me it was eating and dancing while looking my absolute best all day & in the presence of all the people I love the most - what more does one need haha?

*David : Hmm, I think it was right before my speech which I hadn’t prepared but when I stood up, I was just happy to see all the important people in my life in the room.

12.Was there any funny moments that you will always remember?

We still think about moments randomly and we start smiling. The whole day was something so unique and surreal, we are still on the wedding cloud at the moment and still processing what a blessing it was.

13.Why did you choose us to film your wedding and what did you think of your experience being filmed?

Because you are simply the best! In our long months of searching for west sussex vendors, I came upon your website at some point and watched every single video I spent the whole day on your website. I showed David and he was impressed too and that was it, we needed you to be our West Sussex wedding videographers and we are so glad we found you.

Being filmed felt a lot less invasive than I thought it would be. I thought the cameras would be in our faces all day every second but actually it feels like we had our normal day going on and you guys were capturing it.

West Sussex Wedding Videographer | Ground Films

14. Any advice for future wedding couples thinking about having their special day filmed?

*Manuella : do it, because if you don't, you will regret it!

*David - and do it right a terrible video is worse than not having one at all.

If you would like to know more about our West Sussex Wedding Videos in East Grinstead then please do get in touch, following our contact us page.

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