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Farbridge Barns | Chichester Wedding Video | West Sussex Videographers

Tell us about where and when you first both first met and What were your first impressions of each other when you first met? 

We met when we were just turning 17 at sixth form college. We were good friends at first and only got together when we’d known each other for 2 years.

Jamie proposed to me in Edinburgh, which was very romantic. 

How did you find and choose your wedding venue, Farbridge Barns in Chichester West Sussex? 

We went to Farbridge for a wedding fayre and by this stage we had already seen quite a few wedding venues but not seen one that was quite right. We both loved it right away! The church was the only possible choice for us, as I have grown up in the community there. 

Tell us about your wedding dress; the designer, how long it took you to find the one featured in your Farbridge Barns Wedding Video?

The wedding dress was from Hannah Elizabeth Bridal and was by Rosa Clara. I’d tried on dresses in 2 shops before that one and got a good idea of the sort of thing I liked but not found anything quite right. The dress I chose was the first dress I felt excited about, and it was also comfortable! I really didn’t want to spend the day feeling really stiff in a big heavy dress and not feeling like myself, so that was part of my decision making process! 

Tell us about what the Groomsmen wore featured in your Farbridge Barns Wedding Video?

We wanted to keep it simple for the groomsmen, so we asked them all to wear navy blue suits.

Was there any surprises featured in your Farbridge Barns Wedding Video? Tell us more..

Jamie surprised me during the speeches by revealing that he had bought himself some socks with foxes on them. It’s a well known fact among our friends that I don’t buy socks unless they have an animal theme, and I particularly love foxes, so he was paying tribute to that.  

Did you have any readings featured in your Farbridge Barns Wedding Video and if so, why did you pick them?

We picked two readings - one from the bible, which we chose for the words “god is love, and those who abide in love abide in god and God abides in them” and an extract from the poem “us two” by aa Milne. My dad used that poem in his groom’s speech when my parents got married. 

Tell us about the finishing touches like favours, sweet carts etc & name any suppliers & companies that featured in your Farbridge Barns Wedding Video:

All our suppliers were brilliant and so helpful.

Photographer - Hana Venn

Hair and Makeup - ID

Band - A List

Flowers - Nordic Twigs

Cake - Cocoa and Whey.

Jamie made all our place cards, seating plan, table numbers and cake topper. For our favours we had sunflower seeds from the charity Mind, which is a cause close to our hearts. 

What was your favourite part of your wedding day at Farbridge Barns, West Sussex?

Our favourite bit of the day was having so many of our friends and family in one place. It was so much fun! My Dad’s speech was very funny. Quite embarrassing for me but I cried tears of laughter during it! 

Why did you choose us, West Sussex Videographers, Ground Films to film your wedding and what did you think of your experience being filmed?

We chose ground films because we wanted to capture the feel of the day without anything being too staged. Our experience of being filmed was great - we never felt like the cameras were in the way and James and Connie were brilliant at making us feel relaxed. 

Any advice for future wedding couples thinking about having their special day filmed by West Sussex Videographers, Ground Films ?

I would definitely recommend having the day filmed as I think it’s so wonderful to be able to watch the day back and share it with friends and family, especially if they couldn’t make the day. 


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