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Magical Memories: A Winter Wedding at Rownhams House

Tell us about where and when you first both first met?

Through a mutual friend and is impossible to put an exact date - we'd kind of known each other for a while before knowing each other, if that makes sense. After some time, Sean stopped off for a break walking home the worse for wear from a friend's wedding and doesn't remember much (although Hannah does!), a year or so later Hannah came into the bar to get the mutual friend's number and things went from there.

Tell us about who proposed to who and where did it happen?

We had been together for 12 years, living & working together for 11. Can't remember exactly what the conversation was, but it ended with Sean saying "I guess I'm looking for a ring, then!" About a month or so later, having found the right ring, Sean sent Hannah off on a treasure hunt of significant locations during their relationship (where they met, first date etc) then, after cleaning the house top to bottom (?????) headed out to the stables where he got help to plait roses into Hannah's horse's tale and mane, then when she got there walked towards her. She did mouth WTF are you doing, then only agreed if he would wear his kilt.

How did you find and choose your wedding venues?

This was our 3rd (technically 3.5!) time planning our wedding. Due to our businesses, an awful lot of local venues are "work", whether we've supplied weddings there, attended showcases, or they are dry cleaning customers. We did a shoot at Rownhams and loved it, and our two and a half attempt we went to view as a couple. It is a beautiful space, Nigel and Helen are lovely, it has never been work, and with 35% of our guests being wedding suppliers, none of them had supplied weddings there! A true hidden gem! Ultimately we put that attempt on hold to open Hunter & Grey's, but after being opposite Katie (Clearly Wild) at a couple of shows, Sean got the idea to have another go. He spent hours scouring the net looking at venues, but nothing came close to Rownhams, so he booked it (and lined up suppliers) without telling Hannah! When we were out celebrating our 20th anniversary (at the Hand & Flowers) Hannah said that maybe we should book a table there for 10 or so to celebrate our wedding. Sean said "That's not going to happen. I've booked Rownhams and spoken to xxxx suppliers to make sure that they can do 9-12-23 to tie in with your 40th birthday!" He was called some rather unsavoury names - in a good way!

Why did you choose us to film your wedding day?

You tagged us in Mark & Tilly-Marie Atkinson's teaser & we loved it! We looked at a number of your other films, too, but the decision was so easy

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