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Christina and Fergus's Wedding Film at Sherborne Abbey

A sunny, humid day in Dorset in the summer of 2020 marked the day of Fergus and Christina's wedding, which us as the West Sussex wedding videographers were truly delighted to be apart of. A Dorset wedding that was originally going to be filled with 250 of their friends and family but instead was lovingly shared with 30 of their nearest and dearest - it was so beautifully intimate.

Christina's wedding dress was perfect for the grandeur of Sherborne Abbey, with the guests all sitting in the choir seats at the front, the walk up the aisle was even longer and therefore even more majestic. We (Ground Films) feel that we beautifully captured this insanely stunning ceremony in all its glory. Christina was perfectly greeted by her teary eyed groom. The ceremony was beautifully in keeping and personalised to their adjoining lives, with readings from the best man and the groom himself.

This pair met during their time at Oxford University and specifically met at a rugby training session. Rugby being a shared love for the pair meant that they spent a lot of time training together and actually had their first date at GBK in trackies. Fergus set his goal to improving Christina's left hand pass technique as this was the first thing he noticed about her, even though she had left an exam 45 minutes early to get ready before their first meeting. They ended up working and spending 3 years together at the Rugby Club after meeting.

Fergus arranged his proposal to Christina by labelling it as a 'birthday surprise' but she was offered two tickets for England vs Scotland in a corporate box worth £3000 that same day. As soon as Fergus insisted that she couldn't go to the game, Christina knew something was going on. Fergus had arranged a treasure hunt which took them to numerous locations that were special to them and their relationship, this treasure hunt even included a weights session at the gym that they used to train at. Lastly he made Christina climb this hill to watch the sunset but it was rainy, cold and windy but she still did it and at the top he proposed. As West Sussex Wedding Videographers we love romantic stories like this that help us get to know the couple even more and therefore capture them authentically.

West Sussex Wedding Videographers - Ground films headed towards the reception at Plumber Manor where everyone enjoyed the gorgeous grounds. How beautiful are the shots we were able to capture of the pair. The dinner included heart warming and funny tales of both Christina when she was younger, Fergus and his numerous funny rugby stories as well as beautiful memories of the pair. Although their full 200 guests couldn't make it, a very sweet and emotional video was put together by Christina's brother who had asked everyone who couldn't make it to send a short message to the stunning couple. This was truly so heart-warming and gorgeous and no one was left out.

The Suppliers:

The Reception - Plumber Manor

The Photographer - Louise Adby @louiseadbyphoto

The Make - Up and Hair Artist - Spence and Oliver @spenceandoliver

The Flowers - Jules Hosford Flowers

The Rings - 77 Diamonds @77diamonds

The Dress - SS Couture at The Wedding Gallery @theweddinggalleryofficial

The Suit - Cad and The Dandy @cadandthedandy

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