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Catherine & Rob

“For 983 days now, I have had a reason to smile and laugh. You are infectious. Your kindness and strength and zest for life is a blessing and I feel incredibly lucky to call you my wife” – Rob Fauvel

A bumble romance that led to life partners, Rob and Catherine sealed the deal on the 29th July 2021 at the beautiful South Lodge, West Sussex where we Ground Films – Award Winning Wedding Videographers captured their glorious day. Rob had actually been Catherine’s first match on ‘Bumble’, she then went on to have a cheeky Facebook stalk before going on a date with him, to find that her brother, Andy knew him. Andy confirming Rob was actually a nice guy, Catherine went on the date with Rob and hasn’t looked back since.

Rob and Catherine shared an intimate ceremony with their nearest and dearest in the beautiful grounds of South Lodge. Catherine in a beautiful lace A-line dress walked down the 5 sets of stairs that made up the very long aisle to a sung cover Rob had created of their favourite song. She was joined by their gorgeous kids who successfully didn’t jump down the stairs as instructed and perfectly remembered to line the red carpet with petals for Catherine’s entrance. As Award Winning Wedding Videographers, we love to capture everyone’s reactions during the ceremony - Catherine was welcomed by the gleaming faces of her friends and family and the stunned face of her soon to be husband Rob. Rob even made Catherine put her reassuring wife duties in to practice in this walk down the aisle as a wasp was present around Rob, who is petrified of wasps, and Catherine gave him a comforting looks as if to say, “don’t freak out”. This will definitely be a memorable moment of their wedding day, and we as West Sussex Wedding Videographers feel like moments like these put couples at ease on their big day.

Rob and Catherine both got a second chance at love, and you can definitely see the strength of their love throughout their wedding film. The whole day wasn’t just a celebration of the couple but of two families becoming one, their kids now having best friends for life, to play with, look out for and support through all their adventures as “The Avengers”. As West Sussex Wedding Videographers it was so special to see the kids get so excited to extend their family and love every minute of the day’s celebrations.

The beautiful setting of South Lodge, with the long grasses, landscaped lawns, beautifully tended flower beds and stunning architecture acted as the perfect backdrop for this couple’s wedding day.

“You have my heart, my soul, my everything” – Catherine Fauvel

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