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The Grove Wedding Film | Hampshire Wedding Videographer

Please take a moment to watch the wonderful Lisa Marie & Mark Pauls wedding at The luxurious, Grove Hotel in London.

The Grove Wedding Video | Ground Films

1. Tell us about where and when you first both first met and What were your first impressions of each other when you first met?

We first met In June 2015 when I started work at Getty Images, as Mark was already working in the team that I joined. He was the life and soul of the sales floor, he was always laughing, smiling and full of confidence. He made me feel at ease but yet so nervous! He has been the best person I have ever met and we always bring the best out of each other. Accepting the job was my best decision, as I met my best friend and my husband.

Mark’s answer:

As soon as I laid eyes on Lisa I was blown away at how beautiful she was. She was absolutely stunning, but the more I got to know her and how much her family and friends meant to her and how loyal, honest and funny she was, she become even more attractive to me. The moment I knew we felt the same way about each other my life changed and we never looked back. We became best friends and things moved very quickly from then on and it’s been the best 3 years of my life.

Groom and sons at The Grove London | Ground Films

2. Tell us about who proposed to who and where did it happen?

Mark proposed to me on the 2nd October 2017 at The Ritz in London. We had talked a lot about getting married, so I was convinced he would never be able to surprise me with a proposal. But of course, as always he was right and I was completely surprised.

My dad has asked if i wanted to meet him for dinner on the 2nd as he had a work conference at The Ritz in London that day, so it would be nice to catch up for dinner. It wasn't unusual as we do this often. Mark had said he was at a football match for work and was meeting his bosses so needed to dress in a suit - again not unusual.

On Monday afternoon in work, one of my friends Izzy brought me three letters from Mark. There was a letter each from his Mum and Dad and his sons Jack and Josh. They were beautiful letters and it's fair to say I cried at my desk. When I arrived at The Ritz my dad said his meeting was running late so to take our seats and he would join me later. When I walked in, they took me into a private area of the dinning room where Mark was sitting in his suit. For the first time in my life I was completely speechless. When the waiters brought out our first course and lifted the silver lid to the plate, there was no food - but instead a little blue Tiffany's box. Mark asked me to marry him and I think i said yes before he could even finish the sentence.

The Grove London wedding video | Ground FIlms

Bridal preparations at the grove | Wedding videographer

3. Give us three words each to describe each other and what they mean to you?

Bride: Intelligent, Stunning and extremely caring.

Groom:Loving, Handsome and romantic. He is the love of my life.

4. How did you find and choose your wedding venue, The Grove Hotel, London?

We looked at so many online and in the end Mark mentioned The Grove. As soon as we pulled into the long drive way through the golf course, I was sold. The Venue was everything we had both dreamed of.

5. Tell us about your wedding dress; the designer, how long it took you to find the one?

My wedding dress was the first wedding dress I ever tried on at Mia Sposa, I tried on about 50 after that but nothing stood out as the first one. The lovely thing is, the lady in the shop overheard mark saying he loved one of the dressed in a photo on the wall when we first made the appointment. It was the same dress that I loved. So little did Mark know, but he actually picked my dress. The designer was Ronald Joyce.

The Grove London wedding videographer | Ground Films
The grove ceremony | Ground Films

6. Tell us about what the Groomsmen wore?

The Groom, the three best men and the father of the bride all wore navy blue tailcoat suits. All four ushers wore navy suits. The cravat's for everyone except Mark were a lilac/pink colour to match the theme of the wedding. While Mark's cravat was Ivory to stand out as the Groom. Baby Jacob also wore a matching navy baby suit to match his dad.

Welcome Sign at The Grove London | Wedding venue

The Grove ceremony | London wedding videographer

7. Was there any surprises? Tell us more..

The main surprise was during my speech in the evening, Mark's son Josh also joined me to say a few words to his dad. I'll never forget the look on Mark's face - it was a lovely moment.

9. Did you have any readings and if so, why did you pick them?

Yes we had two readings. One was called 'I love you because', read by our friend Lee Martin - This was read on behalf of Mark to me. The second was called 'For the Bride and Groom', read by our family friend Jason Liu - We loved this reading and thought it suited us and our day perfectly.

Wedding cake at the grove| Wedding videography

The Grove wedding videographer | Ground Films

10.Tell us about the finishing touches like favours, sweet carts etc & name any suppliers & companies in and around London that helped make your perfect wedding day at The Grove, London come true:

Photographer Shaun Boterill & Clive Mason

Make-up Artist Amanda Roberts

Hair Artist Amanda Roberts

Band Nicole Lawrence & Band

Toastmaster Reg Parsons

Flourist Your London Florist

Wedding Cake Wilton Patisserie

Rings Tiffany & Co

11.What was your favourite part of your wedding day at The Grove, London?

We both agreed it was when I walked down the aisle. For Mark it was the moment of seeing me in my wedding dress for the first time and for me seeing Mark completely put me at ease - i knew i was exactly where i was meant to be.

The Grove London wedding video | Ground Films
West Sussex wedding videographers | Ground Films

12.Was there any funny moments that you will always remember in your wedding video at The Grove, London?

Jack’s speech, was the funniest by far. I don’t think we will ever forget when he explained his first thought when his dad introduced him to me for the first time.

13.Why did you choose us to film your wedding and what did you think of your experience being filmed?

Your portfolio made me cry and after searching for a LONG time I knew you were the right company for us. The decision to have our wedding film was definitely one of the best decisions. You completely fitted into our day like any other guest and everyone commented on how lovely you both were. There aren’t enough words to explain how grateful we are for how you captured our day - exactly as it was. Nothing was ever too much trouble and will always highly recommend anyone to 1. Have their day filmed and 2. Have ground films!!

14. Any advice for future wedding couples thinking about having their special day filmed?

Don’t think you’ll remember it all, because as the days, weeks and months pass by you forget so many little but important details. Having your day filmed keeps those memories for life. With the right videographers, it will be natural and you’ll be at ease!

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