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Tom & Charley - Rivervale Barn Wedding

“From a simple Facebook message and love hearts to us owning our own home and spending our life together, I love you so much” – Tom

Who knew that a simple mutual friend on Facebook could lead to eternal love? On the 27th of May 2015, Tom messaged Charley on Facebook after seeing her as a mutual friend of his sister’s. When Tom asked his sister about Charley, she said that Charley had a great sense of humour and that they would be great together and said that Tom should message Charley and that’s how they ended up down the aisle together, committing their lives to each other for the rest of their lives.

Ground Films captured Charley and Toms wedding at the beautiful Rivervale Barns, surrounded by beautiful Hampshire countryside, stunningly established gardens, and beautiful wooden architecture this wedding venue was the perfect place for Charley and Tom to tie the knot. Charley being a teacher and proactive perfectionists like us at Ground Films had excellently complimented the venue with her choice of decorations and unique touches. We particularly loved the poem that we assume was from one of Charley’s pupils that was dotted around on the tables – this poem was a true sentiment to the people Charley and Tom are, it shows how much they are cherished, respected, and loved as a couple. As award winning videographers this attention for detail makes our lives easy, as everywhere we turned, we were blessed with in keeping, gorgeous decorations.

Charley in her A Line lace dress looked stunning as she walked hand in hand with her dad down the aisle to greet the beaming Tom – his reaction encapsulated his love for Charley in one look. As West Sussex wedding videographers we love capturing this first look moment, this first reaction truly says a thousand words about the couples adventures, growth and love that have led them up to this moment.

The couple were blessed to spend their beautiful day with their family and friends on their beautiful day. There was an abundance of Daisies and Robins that showed up everywhere on their day, which just clarified to Tom and Charley that their loved ones who are departed but never forgotten were also with them celebrating. This was especially special to Charley and I think that she was definitely settled to know that all her loved ones were thinking of her on her big day.

As award winning videographers we were asked a special request on Charley and Toms day – to capture the moment where Charley told Tom that she was pregnant. All we can say is that it was one of our favourite moments ever to have captured. We felt so privileged to know this little secret before anyone else and be a part of such a beautiful, exciting, and intimate moment. We had kept it a secret successfully by saying that we were putting on sound recorders on to them both ready for the speeches, and in this time turning Tom away so we could give the baby grow to Charley who was going to present it to her new husband. It is safe to say there were tears all round from us (Ground Films) and the photographers (Studio Rouge Photography) and of course the beautiful couple. Everything about it was perfect, the setting for this moment being the wooden archway synonymous with Rivervale Barns acted as the perfect place to share an intimate moment together as the rain fell around them. We then all had to compose ourselves for the rest of the day as if nothing had happened. We felt truly blessed to have witness such an amazing, memorable moment on top of an already incredible wedding!

When they both walked into Rivervale Barns to look around all those years ago when planning they said “This is it! This is the place” and who would have known that over a year later they would be there saying “We are married and are starting a family” all in one day. We can’t wait to follow them on their journey as husband and wife and we count our lucky stars to be able to say we were there when they started these TWO new chapters.

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