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Faye & Alex's Wedding at The Pear Tree

Tell us about where and when you first both first met?

We met working together at Bristol Airport, but here is the extract from Alex’s speech as it sums it up quite nicely! “So this all started just over 7 years ago when I started my first day at Bristol Airport and was introduced to the HR team as part of my induction. There she was - A stunning, slightly jetlagged Faye- having just got off her flight back from Coachella/LA/Vegas – who was supposed to be giving me my induction. Faye was “too tired” apparently, so she fobbed me off to someone else. That was the first time Faye tried getting rid of me and look at us now!”

Tell us about who proposed to who and where did it happen?

We were on holiday in the Amalfi Coast, Italy. We were staying in Sorrento and visited Positano, Ravello, Atrani and Capri. During our trip to Ravello we visited Villa Cimbrone Gardens, where they have a terrace overlooking the ocean called ‘The Terrace of Infinity’. It was there that Alex somehow managed to set up his iPhone to record it without me knowing (I was too distracted by the incredible view) and that’s where Alex asked the question. I definitely knew it was coming because as we were posing for a photo I could literally hear Alex’s heart pounding and could feel his arm shaking as he put it round my back to pose for a photo!

How did you find and choose The Pear Tree? 

It was a fairly easy choice, we seen it online and it was the only one we even really wanted to view. We viewed 3 others ‘just to be sure’ and it solidified our choice! We also wanted to keep it fairly close to Bristol so my nan would be able to come who is quite unwell. Thankfully she made it (as you can probably tell when I was walking down the aisle and got distracted by seeing her there as I didn’t think she could make it!!)

Thank you to all the suppliers on the day.











What made you choose Ground FIlms? 

We were recommended you by our Photographer, Tina Vedrine. When I looked on your Instagram I just knew that I loved how you captured everything, all the details too, and I loved how it felt like I was watching a movie. Having had you at our wedding day, I would choose you again and again, thank you! You made us feel so comfortable, and more importantly didn’t take it all too seriously and had fun with it all. Thanks so much


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